200- & 300-Hour Programs

200-Hour •   12 Months •   begins October 26, 2019
300-Hour  •   18 Months •   begins April 25, 2020


Your yoga journey may be just beginning, or you may have been on this path for many years. All you know for sure, is that you want more. More looking inward. More openness to all the world has to offer. More strength like the mountain. More fluidity like the river running. More stillness. More dancing. More shady-forest quiet. More sun-shining laughter. More time with yourself. More time in community. More.

Join Program Director Amanda McMaine, Partner Cara Sparkman, and our extraordinary guest teachers for more self-inquiry, self-care, and self-discovery. Advance your yoga, your teaching, and your life.

These programs offer an experienced, knowledgeable and supportive faculty who work collaboratively to weave a seamless yoga tapestry of east and west, science and spirit, past and future. The curriculum is practice-oriented, designed for those wishing to deepen their relationship with yoga and/or expand their teaching expertise. The Essence of Yoga Center is uniquely located on a beautiful and serene campus which provides the perfect setting and inspiration to help you 'find the teacher within.'

Course Highlights:

  • Enjoy small class sizes for individual attention and our dedication to fostering a “Community of Practice”

  • Gain a bevy of teaching techniques and tools gleaned by our experienced faculty over decades of teaching and teacher training

  • Experience how to create effective sequencing by interweaving the science of kinesiology with the deep wisdom of your own internal guidance

  • Learn how to mine your personal experience for unique and creative cues

  • Explore physical assisting in the era of #MeToo

  • Enjoy a multi-disciplinary approach, including influences by Qi Gong, Body-Mind Centering, iRest Yoga Nidra, the Buteyko Method, Middendorf Breath Training, Alexander Technique, the work of Brené Brown, Mind-Based Stress Reduction, and more 

  • Assimilate the importance of healthy, functional breathing as the basis of optimal health

  • Develop YOUR teaching style through practice, and create your Yoga Mission Statement

  • Understand the “business of yoga,” and how to navigate the many ways in which to offer these practices to your community, while upholding a high level of professionalism and staying true to your values

All of this and more is waiting for you at The Essence of Yoga Center. You are ready. Now take the leap!

Space is limited. Contact us today to sign up!