Trauma-Informed Yoga Training with Cindy Reed

SATURDAY, AUGUST 31, 2019 & SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2019   • 10AM – 6PM


This weekend training is taught by Cindy Reed, LCSW, a yoga and mindfulness instructor, and a Certified Daring Way™ facilitator. Participants will earn continuing education credits through Yoga Alliance, and become certified to teach trauma-informed yoga classes. In partnership with Ampersand Sexual Violence Resource Center, this CEU creates a bridge between students who participate in this training and the many opportunities to volunteer and to serve populations in need across the region.

Through experiential practice and collaborative discussion, participants will gain an understanding of the neuroscience of trauma, examine key themes of trauma-informed yoga practice and teaching, explore research that supports yoga as a force for creating positive change in students’ experience of trauma, and learn tools, techniques, and contraindications for teaching trauma-informed yoga.

Topics Include:

  • Neuroscience of trauma and why yoga helps

  • Key themes of trauma-informed yoga – safety, empowerment, choice

  • Using yoga nidra in trauma-informed practice and teaching

  • Yoga techniques for survivors – choosing appropriate pranayama, asana, and meditative tools

  • Next steps – service, community, and advocacy

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed at least a 200-hour yoga teacher training. Registration with Yoga Alliance is not required.

Required Texts:

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga in Therapy – by David Emerson

  • Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga –  by David Emerson

Cost: $250 *discount available for The Essence of Yoga Center graduates*

Dear Amanda,
I wanted to share with you once again what a profound effect your yoga workshop had on me. It’s like everything has shifted into “real time” after years of living in fast motion. Sunday I spent some time cleaning the house, a task I usually feel a lot of negative energy around. This day I cleaned slowly and lovingly and almost joyfully. At work today I moved much more slowly and clearly. Instead of rushing to a meeting and feeling a pushing sensation throughout it, I felt much more peaceful and relaxed. I’ve listened to your new CDs and have found them so useful already. I love it that they are composed of awareness experiences as opposed to strictly asana instruction. I have been doing a regular Buddhist, sitting meditation practice for about 3 years and have found it quite useful. But nothing feels as profound or transformative to me as the experiences that you lead. Maybe the fact that I’ve done the sitting meditation helps me go in deeply. Anyway, you are on to something, girl! And I am grateful that I get to taste it. Many thanks for sharing what I know must be years and years of deeeeeeep work. I feel so blessed that you live close by and I get to learn from you.
— Love, Anita Courtney

Dear Amanda,
Another thing I’d like to share with you 5 days after your workshop. I’ve been listening to one of the awareness experiences on your new cd’s every day. It’s usually at night before bed. Last night as I lay in bed after listening to one, it felt as if a very tightly coiled, tangled ball inside me was unraveling and gently untangling itself. An interesting sensation!
— Namaste, Anita

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