Dear Amanda,
The Tahoe women’s retreat was wonderful. I loved it so much that I intend to make it an annual event. It was a joy to spend time with the strong, fun-loving, warm women who shared the space. My yoga journey has been lengthy and erratic. Studying with you has given me the sense of coming home. Yoga as you teach is real, true and authentic. As I sat in Pranayama before each class, I felt that my body and my soul were being prepared to receive a gift. Sitting was a time of enriching the soil to receive the seeds. It was often difficult to move from Pranayama into Asanas, but as you said, ‘leave while you’re in love’. And also, the soil was ready. What a waste not to plant the seeds. Guidance to a deeper understanding of the Asanas through your instruction was the gift of the seeds. It was my part to remain focused to receive that gift. Thank you, Amanda, for the integrity of your own practice, and for the passion in sharing it with me, and with all your students. I will be searching your website for news of the women’s retreat in Austin. I want to be there!!!
— Joan Keenan

As I was practicing today, I was trying to identify what it is that is so inspiring about your teaching. Your language is very evocative, and then when you move and explain the process, it’s so clear that it comes from a real experience. You’ve gotten your hands dirty, as it were, dug deep into that murky, earthy, rich place (into the belly of the beast) and have come up with really precious diamonds — little sparkles, that illuminate and inspire. And so with other teachers, even if I feel challenged and moved, I can remember every pose that we did and the feeling of the form of the pose in my body. But your approach makes me feel the possibility of formlessness within the asana. For me, that is really inspiring and appealing. At last, I can see beyond the confines of the little rectangular mat.
— K.C., yoga teacher